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Red junglefowl

Gallus gallus

Photo: Red junglefowl
Weights and measures
Length 71 cm
Animal description
The Red junglefowl (Gallus gallus) is a tropical bird native to the lush forests and dense jungles of Southeast Asia, extending into parts of South Asia and East Asia. Recognized as the wild ancestor of the domestic chicken, this species exhibits remarkable biological and ecological features that distinguish it from its domestic counterpart. The Red junglefowl is not just a subject of interest for its evolutionary significance but also for its vibrant appearance and intriguing behaviors.

Physically, the Red junglefowl is a medium-sized bird, with males typically larger and more colorful than females. The male, or rooster, boasts a stunning plumage of fiery red and golden orange feathers across the back and wings, with a deep, glossy green tail that often showcases a rich, dark blue hue towards the base. The neck and rump may exhibit a golden-yellow color, adding to the bird's striking appearance. One of the
Map of occurrence
Photo: Red junglefowl - occurrence
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